Rocket Korean Review

Rocket Korean Review: Quick Summary
Learning Effectiveness
Well-designed interactive dialogues and learning games facilitate quick and easy learning.

Ease of Use
Engaging material plus great site structure and course design make Rocket a joy to learn with.

Value for Money
At just $99 Rocket Korean brings tremendous value for money

Who Should Buy This Product
Great for beginners who want to focus on speaking skills. Not the best for advanced Korean learners

Hi, and welcome to our Rocket Korean review. Our objective is to help you choose the best Korean language learning software for you personally–whether it’s Rocket Korean or another product. On this page, of course, we’ll review Rocket Korean. If you’d like to see our other reviews, course comparisons, and software recommendations, please click here. If you’d like to meet the person writing this review, check out this page.

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Rocket Languages

Rocket Korean was developed by the super successful Rocket Languages, which produces language courses for 10 spoken languages and American sign language. Rocket launched itself into the language learning market back in 2004, and, since then, has become the most popular language learning club in town–they average 100,000 new members a month! I say “members” because you get lifetime access with your purchase, not just the learning materials.

So, why are Rocket’s products so popular? It’s simple ,really. They’re better than other products. This is because while traditional publishing companies were struggling to review and adapt their very outdated learning methods and materials to the modern world, Rocket came along and developed an entirely new language learning system that was designed specifically for today’s Internet savvy learners.

The result is that Rocket offers products that people just can’t resist. What do you get with the Rocket Korean program?

What You Get With Rocket Korean

  • Lifetime Membership For Only $99 — Rated 2011’s Best Value For Money
  • FREE Learning Support From a Native Korean Speaker — Only Rocket Korean Offers This
  • 32 Interactive Dialogues To Get You Speaking — Over 13 Hours of Recordings!
  • Rocket Record — Perfect Your Pronunciation By Comparing your voice to Native Korean Speaker’s
  • 27 Language and Culture Lessons — Ensures That You Use What You’ve Learnt Properly
  • Korean MegaVocab Game — Build Your Vocabulary Easily With a Fun Game
  • Korean MegaAudio — Learn to “Hear” Your Vocabulary Words, Not Just See Them
  • Rocket Certification — Pass The Rocket Tests and Get a Korean Proficiency Certificate
  • My Motivation — Entire Section Dedicated to Improving Your Learning Strategies
  • Fully Downloadable Audio Files & Printable Dialogues — Learn Anywhere, Anytime
  • 60-Day, No Questions Asked Refund Policy (scroll to bottom to see)

Learning With Rocket Korean

With Rocket Korean, core learning takes place in the Interactive Dialogue section. All of the dialogues, bye the way, can be download and put on your MP3 player. This was hugely helpful to me, as I really prefer to study while walking, or having coffee (or at any place that’s not my desk).  How do the dialogues worK? I’ll review them for you, but, really, I recommend that you just get a free trial and try them out for yourself (you just need an email).

When you use the dialogues, you just hit play an go. You’ll get a bit of explanation in English, and then a native Korean speaker will come on and pronounce a word, giving you a chance to repeat after her. After words, you move up to saying phrases.

Eventually, slowly and step-by-step, you work your way up to having a full conversation with the native Korean speaker. The learning process is smooth, comfortable and very effective. As someone who has been living overseas, in 4 different countries (including 5 years in Korea), for the last decade, I really appreciated the very well-designed language learning process of Rocket Korean.

Other Sections

The interactive dialogues are where you really learn to speak the Korean language. Unlike Pimsleur Korean, though, Rocket gives you much more than just interactive dialogues.

MegaKorean Software Games

Learning vocabulary words can be a drag. Rocket Korean, though, makes it much better by providing fun software games. The MegaVocab game offers bright, eye-catching photos and fun activities that keep you stimulated and motivated to learn. The Korean MegaAudio games are a great way to visually and orally memorize vocabulary words and recognize them with your ear.

The Language and Culture Section

The Language section is where you find your grammar and sentence structure lessons. These lessons are directly related to what you are learning. I hate learning grammar, but I found these lessons to be simple, useful, and quite painless to learn. The Culture section offers cultural context for the dialogue you are learning. For example, if you’re learning about ordering food, the culture section will explain Korean eating customs. Also included in this section is an amazing Writing Section. Here you’ll find step-by-step videos that show you exactly how to write the Korean alphabet. I had a ton of fun with this, and I think you will too.

My Motivation

The My Motivation section is an absolutely wonderful part of the Rocket Korean course, a section that no other Korean software course has. Here you get tons of activities and lessons that help you improve your learning. For example, you can take a test to discover your personal learning style. You can set learning goals, and track your progress, and you can learn about mind-set and motivation. And it doesn’t just tell you about these things; It gives you useable action plans that you can start using right now. In my opinion, going the extra mile in such a way is what really sets Rocket Korean apart from your average Korean language learning program.

Rocket Korean Community

When you buy Rocket Korean, you get lifetime access to all learning materials and the Rocket Korean Community. The Rocket Korean Community is an online forum where you can interact with lots of fellow learners, as well as a native Korean speaker who is there to answer any question you may have, whether they are about grammar, pronunciation, or the polite way to ask for a date in Korean! People even exchange Korean travel tips! It’s a great place to learn and to have fun and meet new friends.

Who should buy Rocket Korean?

Rocket Korean is designed for beginning learners of the Korean language. The main focus of the program is getting learners up and speaking Korean quickly and easily. The learning environment is casual, fun and friendly. Also, with the Rocket Community, there is an added community atmosphere. So, if you are a beginner who wants a fun, friendly product that has a great community atmosphere, buy Rocket Korean, as it is, without a doubt, the best value for your money.

Who should NOT buy Rocket Korean?

The Rocket Korean program is designed for beginning learners. If you have an intermediate or advanced level of Korean proficiency, this is not the product for you. Also, the focus of Rocket Korean is speaking. The grammar lessons provided are great, but they’re there, primarily, to help you speak properly. They are not the focus of the lessons. If you want a deep, academic understanding of Korean grammar and sentence structure, again, Rocket Korean is not really for you.

My recommendations

Interest in the Korean language is rising rapidly, but it’s still rather low. Because of this, there aren’t a whole lot of learning resources available, especially full language courses. Fortunately, Rocket Korean has made a great one, so if you’re looking for a full Korean course, just go with Rocket Korean. If you’re just looking for a great way to learn Korean vocabulary, I have found one other really great Korean language product. It’s called BYKI Korean, and it’s from Transparent Languages. You can read a review of these Digital Korean flash cards here, or, if you prefer, just go straight to the manufacturers home page.

Thanks for Reading Our Rocket Korean Review

Thanks for reading our Rocket Korea review. Korea is a wonderful country to visit and to live in, and I wish you the best of luck with your Korean language learning experience. Bye the way, I lived in Korea for 5 years, and I have a blog about living, working and traveling in Asia, so feel free to stop by if you’d like some more information.

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Thanks so much!

Ryan Wiley
SpeakOut! Languages

2 Responses to “Rocket Korean Review”

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  1. Kiona says:

    Hello. I have a couple questions.
    So Rocket Korean is for beginners that want to get a good start into Korean? There is absolutely no in-depth lesson or two on sentence structure and how to put words and sentences together? I felt pretty confident and thought of buying this until I hit that fact.
    Do you know of a software that is BEST at being a level below a native-speaker teacher? I really want to learn as much Korean as I can but I do not have so much money to spend or to waste, so I want to make the best decision possible on choosing which product to purchase.

  2. Ryan Wiley says:

    Hi Kiona,
    Perhaps I overstated the simplicity of this product. There are certainly in-depth lessons, and you will learn how to put words and sentences together. This product, however, assumes that you do not know one word of Korean. You start at the very beginning and then work your way up. For beginners, it’s great. If you’re already at an intermediate or advanced level, though, it will be too easy for you.

    My suggestion is that you try the Rocket Korean trial. They give you access to a couple of lessons for free. It takes 5 minutes to get a password. Then take another 30 minutes looking it over. If you like it, spend the $99. If not, try something else. Here is the link to their free trial page.

    In regards to other software courses, for Korean our choices are really quite limited. The two I suggest are Pimsleur and Rocket–Rocket certainly being the best value for your money (Pimsleur is quite expensive).

    Best of luck to you! I lived in Korea for 5 years, so if you have any questions about the place, feel free to ask them!

    Have a nice day!


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