Pimsleur Korean Review

Pimsleur Korean Review From a Teacher and a Student

Having years of experience as a language teacher, textbook author, and curriculum developer, as well as being an expat, who has spent over a decade living overseas, I know what it’s like to learn a language.

…words like, tedious, boring, and painful come to mind. It doesn’t have to be like that. Read my post, “How to Choose Language learning Software” right now. Then come back here and finish reading this review.

The Pimsleur Method

The Pimsleur Method is an amazing language learning strategy that was developed by a man named Dr. Paul Pimsleur. The strategy is rooted in two groundbreaking theories, the Principal of Anticipation and Graduated Interval Recall. Scores of language learning professionals have reviewed the Pimsleur Method, and all agree that it is outstanding. Millions of other people have used the Pimsleur Method to master foreign languages quickly and easily–including Korean.

Learning with Pimsleur Korean

With Pimsleur Korean, you don’t study boring grammar lessons. You don’t memorize vocabulary words, and you don’t do crazy crossword puzzles. What do you do? You hit play once a day and speak Korean for 30 minutes–no more, no less. Sound to easy? That’s because the language books and programs you’re used to aren’t rooted in proven scientific principles–they are just a bunch of words, dialogues, and grammar rules compiled and thrown in your face.

Pimsler’s not like that, and the results are easy to see. Learning with Pimsleur Korean is quick, easy, and highly efficient. And, to be honest, before I actually used Pimsleur Korean, I didn’t really believe in the system, despite all the great Pimsleur Korean reviews I had read. I mean, why doesn’t everyone use it? Well, first of all, as I said, millions of people have and do use it–it’s not some secret program! Second, just because it’s a great program, doesn’t mean it’s great for everyone–including you! Let’s have a look at who this program is and is not for.

Who should buy Pimsleur Korean?

Pimsleur Korean is a wonderful way to SPEAK Korean. I want to be very clear, though, that Pimsleur Korean does not teach Korean writing, grammar, or sentence structure. So, if you’re looking for the fastest, most efficient way to learn to speak Korean, this program is for you.

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Who should NOT buy Pimsleur Korean?

Pimsleur Korean–just interactive dialogues that get you speaking Korean right away. If you’re one of those people who loves playing lots of different learning games, like word-finds, picture/word matching activities, and fill-in-the-blank grammar exercises, Pimsleur Korean is not for you.

Also, if you’re looking for a very academic understanding of Korean grammar and sentence structure, look for another course. Don’t get me wrong, you will learn grammar and sentence structure with Pimsleur. You learn it intuitively, though, as you speak the language.

My Recommendations

As you can tell from this Pimsleur Review, I like the program. So, if your main goal is to speak Korean quickly and easily, go with Pimsleur Korean; there is no better way to learn to speak Korean. If you like the idea of learning with interactive dialogues, but you also want some good learning games, grammar instruction, and even some culture lessons, go with Rocket Korean. It uses the same type of interactive dialogues that Pimsleur does, but also includes lots of other learning resources. It’s our #1 selling course, and it’s quite a bit cheaper than Pimsleur. You can get a FREE 6-day trial here (no credit card needed). Or, you can read my full Rocket Korean Review here.

Whatever you choose, we here at SpeakOut! Korean wish you the best of luck with your Korean langauge learning experience!

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  1. I found this program quite useful. I could listen to the lessons while jogging or walking around my neighborhood.

  2. Ryan says:

    Yeah, if you like to be active while learning, Pimsleur is definitely the best program for you, as it’s 100% audio. You do look a bit strange, though, walking around outside seemingly talking to yourself! Ha ha….good luck with your studies.

    And great blog, by the way. People who are interested in the traveling lifestyle should check out Samuel’s blog…




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