Learn to Write in Korean: Part 2

How to Write Korean: Mini-Course
Introduction to Korean Letters
How Hangeul is written
Stroke Order: Consonants
Stroke Order Vowels

Korean is read from left to right, just like in English. Unlike English, however, Korean is written in blocks. Each block has

  • a minimum of two letters (one consonant and one vowel)
  • and a maximum of three letters (two consonants and one vowel).
  • The letters in a block can be arranged in one of three ways.

There can be a consonant and a vowel next to each other, like this…

There can be a consonant and a vowel with the consonant on top of the vowel, like this…

Or, there can be a consonant + a vowel next to it + another consonant on bottom, like this…

Images courtesy of the Korean Wiki Project . Creative Commons License

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