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Anyanghaseyo! Welcome to our annual user’s choice awards, where you decide the best way to learn the Korean language! This year, Rocket Korean has topped our list of online and software-based Korean language programs. To join in next year’s poll, get on our mailing list.

Value for Money:★★★★★ 
Ease of Use:★★★★☆ 
Learning Effectiveness:★★★★¼ 
Fun Factor:★★★★½ 

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Planning to learn the Korean language? If so, Rocket Korean may be for you, as everyone else seems to love learning with it! Let’s take a look at why our readers voted Rocket Korean the best way to learn the Korean language.

Value for Your Money

The Number 1 reason people voted for Rocket as the best way to learn Korean was value for money. I agree here. At just $67 for a lifetime membership, Rocket Korean certainly gives you the most bang for your buck (comparable learn Korean programs cost $300 t0 $500).

Ease of Use

What’s ease of use? It’s like this… Remember that boring old history professor you had, the one who would just…lecture …and lecture…and lecture and never give you any engaging learning activities to complete? That’s poor ease of use. It was hard work just to stay awake, much less learn anything! Good ease of use is just the opposite. A Korean language course that is interesting, engaging, and easy to learn with has good “ease of use.” Rocket Korean has got it, and that’s a big reason why it was voted the best way to learn the Korean language.

Learning Effectiveness

Easy to use is great, but, of course, to be valuable, a course must also be an effective learning tool. Rocket Korean is a very effective way to learn the Korean language. Why? …for one main reason, the Rocket Korean interactive dialogues. These are brilliantly designed, highly interactive learning tools that walk you step-by-step to Korean speaking success. It’s that simple. Of course, the learning games, voice recording features, etc. are also great, but it’s the interactive dialogues that really set Rocket Korean apart.

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Fun Factor

Learning the Korean language is not easy–but it doesn’t have to hurt! The best language course designers understand this and up the “Fun Factor” whenever possible. The designers over at Rocket Korean win hands down in this category. No Korean language course is as fun and easy to learn with as Rocket Korean.


We all need a little help sometimes. Why do our customers love the help they get over at Rocket Korean? I’ll tell you why! …the Rocket Korean forum. This forum is run by a native-speaking Korean who is there to help you learn–about technical AND language issues. In one place, you can ask about MAC compatibility AND Korean grammar. That means you get to learn all you want with a native-speaking Korean tutor….and it’s only $97 for a lifetime membership!

Thanks for Reading

Our readers think that Rocket Korean is the best way to learn the Korean language, and we tend to agree. How about you? Give the program a try for free, and then let us know what you think. You can send us a message or join our mailing list and vote in next years pole.

However you decide to learn, we wish you the best of luck with your new Korean language adventure!


Ryan Wiley
SpeakOut! Korean

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