How to say “Black” in Korean

This video teaches you how to say the color “black” using the Korean language.

Transcript: To say “Black” in Korean you say 검 정 색 ….can’t read those characters? Don’t worry! You can learn to pronounce the Korean alphabet in no time with this very cool (free) Korean alphabet chart with audio.

Or, if you want to cheat, you can just use this transliteration…Black in Korean is pronounced “gom-jong-sek.” 검 정 or “Gom-jong” is the word for “black” and 색 or “sek” is the word color. You should use them together, saying the full phrase 검 정 색 or “gom-jong-sek,” when speaking Korean.

And, because there is never just one simple answer, you can also say 검 은 색 or “gom-un-sek,” which has the exact same meaning.

Want 2 free printable Korean alphabet charts? Get them here.

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