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Want to know how to learn Korean? Great! With a stream of fun new pop acts, great television dramas, and a few hit movies, South Korea has put its cultural self on the map.

And let’s not forget that this small country, with the help of companies like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, has become a global economic powerhouse.

In fact, I worked there for 5 years myself, which is how I became interested in the Korean language. Enough about me, though! You came here to find out how to learn Korean!  The best way to learn Korean, without a doubt, is to use your computer. Here is why…

1. You Learn Quickly and Easily

Let’s face it…books are boring!  …and classrooms are overrated. What? I know….I know,  these things are sacred. But, look, books are fun to read and classrooms are great for kids–because they need guidance and discipline. You’re not a kid, though, and you’re not reading for fun. You want to learn, in the quickest and easiest way possible.

And this is where today’s software and online-based courses excel. They are wonderfully designed to teach you Korean–not lecture you about it.! To do this, they use amazing interactive dialogues that have you speaking Korean from day one! They also have stimulating, fun, and interactive learning games that teach you vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills.

The best ones have voice recording features that allow you to compare your Korean pronunciation to that of a native speaker. In addition, most offer online learning forums where you can interact with native Korean speakers and your fellow students. There is no better way to learn Korean than by using software or online-based courses. If you want to see for yourself, try out Rocket Korean’s FREE 6-Day course (it’s no-hassle, no credit card).

2. You Save Lots of Cash

Our top selling Korean language course is $97, and that’s for a lifetime membership! For that you get access to hours and hours of amazing interactive dialogues, tons of vocabulary learning games, voice recording software, advice on how to learn quickly, and tons more–Rocket Korean even includes a “how to learn Korean” section that gives you personal learning strategies based on your particular learning style.  What does $97 dollars get you from a private tutor? ..not much! …from a book? …no interaction, no voice recording, no support from a native Korean speaker. And how about that Korean class? …$97 will probably only cover the cost of your book!

3. You Save Lots of Time

Time is precious, and you don’t want to waste yours, which means you want to learn as quickly and easily as possible. As Korean language software is by far  the most efficient way to learn, it saves you tons of time, time that you can spend doing other, more enjoyable things. Also, if you learn with Korean software, you don’t have to commute to a classroom, which saves you even more time.

Finally, not only do you save time , but you get to make use of what is usually wasted time! For example, you can load your learning program on your MP3 player, iphone, or laptop and study while walking or commuting to work. True story–I loaded up 5 hours of interactive dialogues and studied while running the Bangkok marathon! I learned a ton and didn’t think at all about how badly my calfs were burning!

4. You Learn in Comfort

If you’re super outgoing and never feel silly or embarrassed, congratulations. Your a lucky person. The rest of us, we’re a little shy when it comes to speaking Korean in front of others. With Korean language learning software, this is not a problem. For example, I took a Korean language course in Seoul. During the class, I just sat in the back an kept to myself.

It’s not that I’m an overly shy person. I just wasn’t compelled to take risks in front of a classroom full of people. After the course, I could speak very little, and I thought, “This definitely not how to learn Korean,” not for me anyways. Then I got some Korean learning software and learned to speak without feeling nervous or shy.

My Recommendations

Have an idea now about how to learn Korean–for you personally! Here is what I think, for what it’s worth. If you’re looking to get out of the house and meet new people, and learn Korean at the same time, then, sure, go for a classroom-based Korean course.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for the most efficient, enjoyable, and cost effective way to learn the Korean language, go with Korean language learning software. Whatever, you do, though, don’t go out and buy an expensive Korean language textbook. For roughly the same price, you can get a fully interactive online or software-based course.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope that this article has helped you decide how to learn Korean. If you’d like, you can compare Korean language software programs here. Also, don’t forget to check out or software discounts page.  We update it every month and often save our readers 15% to 30% on Korean learning software.

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